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Club Tournaments  


   Brad and Sue McConnell

   P: 613-899-3630

All Tennis Club members are welcome to participate in tournaments.

Tournament registration will be available for the 3 weeks prior to the tournament.  Please check the Events section of the Court Reserve system for upcoming tournaments. 

The season starts in November with a Mixed Doubles Tournament followed by a Ladies Triples Tournament in December.


January tournaments include both a Mens Triples and a Ladies Doubles.

The Mens Doubles is in February and then teams play for the Maple Leaf Cup in March.




  1. Respect for players and most importantly for the volunteers as without them we have no tournaments.

  2. Most normal rules pertaining to tennis will be in play.

  3. Teams will spin for serve. Winners choice of serve or side. Loser will pick what winner does not.

  4. Each game will be 30 minutes, 5 minute warm up and 25 minutes of play.

  5. When there is 5 minutes left, the official will come out and let you know when time is up.

  6. If, at the end of time and the game is not over, the following will be in effect:

    1. Score of 15/15, game is over and no winner

    2. Score of 15/30, game is over

    3. Score of 30/30 or deuce, extra point to be played

    4. Score of 0/30,   game is over

  7. There will be no deuce play; it will be game point and will always be played on the deuce court. There is NO receivers choice.

  8. Each team will send one member to the scoring table to record the match score.

  9. Final results will be the teams total numbers of games won, will designate the final placement and outcome of the teams.

  10. The top 2 teams for each division (in the case of mixed doubles) will advance to finals.

  11. The number of games in the finals will be determined the day of tournaments so that we can consider length of play for the day.

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