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adopted at a Special General Meeting on Nov. 1, 2023



Article 1.1               It is the objective of The Maple Leaf Tennis Club to field competitive teams, ensuring that players are competing at a level where some degree of success is achieved while being challenged to improve. The social aspect of League tennis and the development of team friends are truly important. However, the Club’s objective to be competitive takes precedence. Players should be willing to cooperate with their peers by playing at a level where their current skills and mobility will be best utilized. This will ensure both some success for the team and an enjoyable experience for the players.

Article 1.2             The placement of  a player on a team is based on a) the player's skill level and mobility, b) the team needs, c) the number of current players on the team, d) availability of the player during the League season.  While keeping players together on a team is important, should a team be changing its Division level, some of the team's players may be better suited to play on a different Division level and therefore assist that team.


Article 2.1  Eligibility.                 To be eligible to be placed on a team roster with intention to play in the League, a player must qualify as follows;

a) Be a Maple Leaf homeowner or partner of a homeowner in the same house, or,

b) Be a renter during the current season or partner of a renter in the same house.

Note: If he is a renter who has played on a Maple Leaf team, to be considered for placement on a draft roster in March, the player must already be a member of the Tennis Club and have a firm arrangement for a house rental during the coming season. He will be placed on the draft roster, but is not eligible to be registered with the League until 14 days before the start of his rental period. 

c) Has paid his membership in the Maple Leaf Tennis Club prior to registering with the League. He is not eligible to play a League match until the League has received his registration and the fee has been paid.  

d) Has given assurances that he will be available to play in at least 60% of the team's matches, or if the season has started, 60% of the remaining matches.

Article 2.2 Medical leave.        It is recognized that a player may be unable to play for extended periods for medical or other reasons. Teams must also be able to fill their rosters with active players if absences persist. Therefore a player's absence from League play of one full season will result in a Medical 


Designation. To play the following year he must be registered with the League, satisfy the 60 percent availability requirement and have played his first match not later than the end of the first week of January. Failure to satisfy these requirements will result in his removal from the team Roster. If he  wishes to re-enter League play at some later date, then he may do so as a Prospect in accordance with Article 6.1.


Article 3.1 Optimal Team Size.          The optimal number of players on a Maple Leaf men’s team is nine. All Captains should strive to maintain this number of players, as long as players are available to play at the appropriate skill level. It may become necessary to adjust the composition of some teams throughout the season and prior to January 31st due to sickness or injury, etc. 

Article 3.2 Adding Players.     In the event that a team will have less than nine available players for an extended period, the Captain  and Co-Captain may add  a player or players to restore the number of available players. The addition could come from another team or a new player in Maple Leaf, all in accordance with the procedure outlined in Paragraph 6. If the team already has nine available players, a majority vote of approval of the current team members is required to add more players.

Article 3.3  Adding Players to the entry level team.        The entry level team (currently in Division B5) may add up to three additional players designated as "Substitute players" to join in their lessons and practices. They may be registered with the League and eligible to play in a situation where less than six of the regular team members are available for a match.


Article 4.1 Equal play.                Every team player is entitled to equal match play opportunities during a season. It is the Captain's responsibility to keep a record of the number of times a player plays in a match, "sits out", or is "unavailable".  Based on availability, all players on a team will be required to "sit out" for a number of matches so that all team members play the same proportion of matches that they are available for. A "sit out (S/O) " is defined when a player is available to play, but is not used. A player can also be designated as "not available" (N/A)" if for some reason (injury or absence) he cannot play a scheduled match.

A player who has played as a substitute for another Maple Leaf team will not be considered as having played on that match date for the purposes determining the player's "sit-outs".


Note: Following is an example of  a method of tracking this information: 


NAME           MATCHES          SIT OUT   Percentage      N/A             TOTAL

                         PLAYED                                        Played                               MATCHES

                                (1)                                                  (2)                 (3)             (1+2+3)

Player 1               16                         2                      89%                 2                    20

Player 2              16                         2                      89%                 2                    20

Player 3              12                         4                      75%                 4                    20

Player 4              13                         2                      87%                 5                    20

Player 5               11                         3                      79%                 6                    20

Player 6               15                        3                     83%                 2                    20

Player 7                13                        3                     82%                 4                   20

Player 8               10                        2                     83%                 8                   20

Player 9               13                         3                    82%                  4                  20



Article 4.2 Right to Appeal. A player who believes he has not been given equal opportunity to play matches should discuss this with the team Captain. If he is not satisfied with the result, he has a right to raise the issue with the Maple Leaf League Liaison person. The Liaison will attempt to resolve the issue with the team Captain.


Article 4.3 Request for Placement.  During the season, a player may request, through the Liaison, to move to another Maple Leaf team. The Liaison will consult with the Captains involved and ascertain if the player's request can be accommodated. There is no guarantee that it will happen. Additionally, in preparation for drafting the team for the following season, a player has the right to request a different placement than his current placement. This request will be taken into account when the teams are being drafted, however there is no guarantee that the request can be fulfilled.


PARAGRAPH 5. Players' Obligations.

Article 5.1 Lessons and Practices.  All team players (except for the 75+ Division) are required to participate in the team lessons with the Tennis Pro and pay a fair portion of the cost of the lessons. Players are also expected to participate in team practices. 


Article 5.2 Other costs and expectations.  Players are required to contribute a fair portion of the cost of purchasing tennis balls for home matches. Players are expected to wear red and white clothing during matches which shows commitment to his teammates and the Maple Leaf Tennis Club.




Article 6.1  New Players.  A non-League tennis player already in Maple Leaf, or a new homeowner or renter interested in playing on a League team must first submit his name to the ML League Liaison as a Prospect, indicating his interest and availability. The Liaison will inform the Prospect of the rules and obligations involved and obtain assurances that the Prospect is prepared to comply. The Liaison will 

a) arrange an assessment to determine the appropriate level of play for the Prospect, 

b) ascertain if there is a need and openings on an appropriate team(s), 

c) through the Captain of the team in the next lower Division ascertain if there are any players interested in moving up to the team needing a player, 

d) discuss with the relative Captains, in consultation with the Club Pro, the suitable player to fill the vacancy.

e) recommend placing the player on a lower level team to enable him to prove himself and adapt to playing on a Maple Leaf team. 

f) ensure that all players involved will be notified of the decision.

There is no guarantee that a position will be open for a new player.

Article 6.2 Filling a vacancy on a team.       If a Captain has a need to fill a vacancy by adding a player from a lower team and there are no new Prospects available, he will follow the provisions in Article 6.1 by asking the Liaison to initiate the process in c), d) and f) above.

Article 6.3 Requiring a substitute for a match.         When a team cannot provide a complete complement of six players for an up-coming match, that team may use a player who is not scheduled to play for either a Maple Leaf team in the same Division or a player from a lower level Maple Leaf team.





This section provides for the process of 1) recommending the number of teams to enter, 2) recommending the Divisions Maple Leaf could enter, 3) assignment of players to the teams.

The following table outlines the steps in the process, the responsible parties and the deadlines.


ARTICLE                 ACTIONS                                      RESPONSIBLE                   DEADLINE

7.1                           Selection of 3 team Captains

                                to form a Planning Committee                              * see Article 7.1 below                      February 25


7.2                          Survey team members concerning their

                                availability for next season and preferred

                                Division and report findings to the Liaison      Current Captains                             February 25




7.3                   Preparation of a list of all teams and members

                         showing a) their records to date on Courts 1, 2

                         and 3 and b) preferred Divisions. Players on the

                         Prospect List will also be listed with suitable

                         information.                                                                                  Liaison                                                       March 4



7.4                  Meeting of the Planning Committee with the

                        Club Pro to recommend the number of teams,

                        Divisions to enter, and to place players on

                        draft team rosters                                                                   Liaison with Planning

                                                                                                                                     Committee and Club Pro

                                                                                                                                     ** see Article 7.4 below                     March 9


7.5                  Meeting of all current Captains to discuss the

                         Planning Committee's recommendations

                         and make any adjustments decided                        Liaison to organize

                                                                                                                                    Captains' Meeting                                 March 15


7.6                  Communication of  the results of the

                         Captains' meeting to the players                                Current Captains                                  March 17



7.7                   Appointment of one player on each new team

                         roster to convene a meeting of the new team

                         players to elect a Captain and decide on the

                         team name.                                                                                Liaison                                                       March 20



7.8                   Meetings of new team players to elect a Captain,

                          chose a Co-Captain and review the team name.

                         Results to be communicated immediately to

                         the Liaison 

                         Players appointed by the Liaison                                 New Team Captains                         March 31

 * Article 7.1  The Planning Committee shall consist of three Captains, one current Captain from each of three groups: (1) Teams from A1, A2, A3 and B1; (2) Teams from B2 and B3; (3) Teams from B4, B5 and 75+. The Captains from each group will select their representative. Players selected to serve on the committee are not eligible to serve in the following year. The Liaison will serve as a resource for the Planning Committee.

** Article 7.4 Club Pro involvement.               In the event the Club Pro is unable or unwilling to take part in this meeting, the Planning Committee shall proceed without his input.



Article 8.1  Election of Captains.            Following the publishing of the draft rosters for the following season, the Liaison will ask one player on each team roster to assemble the new team players together to elect a Captain. A majority vote will be required.

Article 8.2  Captain's Term.               A player is restricted to two consecutive years in the role of Captain. Other team members shall have the opportunity to serve as Captain before any  former Captain who has served in the position on that team.

Article 8.3  Co-Captains.         A newly-elected Captain shall have the option of selecting his Co-Captain or holding an election among the players. A Co-Captain should be prepared to assume the role of Captain at the end of the current Captain's term.

Article 8.4  Captain's Responsibilities.          A Captain is responsible to:

a) Familiarize himself and his team members with i) the Maple Leaf Tennis rules, ii) the Peace River League rules and Conduct of Play, iii) the applicable USTA rules,  and ensure they are followed.

b) Participate in all meeting of Captains, for both Maple Leaf and League meetings.  If unable to attend, he shall ensure the team is represented.

c) Captains are reminded that our League Rules state: If unable to field a position on any scheduled day of play, notice to the opposing captain shall be given as a courtesy not later than 6:00 pm the day before the match.

d) Consult with his Co-Captain concerning assigning players to courts for a upcoming match. They may invite input from the players as well.

e) Promptly and accurately enter the scores after home matches.

f) Maintain records of player availability, matches played and "sit-outs" as defined in Article 4.1 above and ensure equality of play among his players.



Article 9.1  Approvals.               These Rules may only be changed a) at the Annual Meeting of the Maple Leaf Men tennis players held in March, or b) at a Special General Meeting of all current players called by the Liaison with 10 days advance notice.

Article 9.2  Rules Committee.            At the Annual General Meeting of the men players, or shortly thereafter, the Liaison shall appoint a Rules Committee consisting of the immediate past Liaison and two other players. This committee will review the Rules annually and may  recommend changes to be voted on at a general meeting of players.

Article 9.3  Changes Proposed by Players.       Any player may submit to the Rules Committee suggested changes to these Rules. The Committee will review the proposals and may recommend wording changes to clarify the intent and how they should be worded to comply with the format of these Rules. The player retains the right to present his original motion to a general meeting should he choose. to do so. These Rules replace all previous versions. These Rules are to be posted on the Maple Leaf Tennis Club's website.

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