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New Tennis Player Membership Mentoring Program

New Members to the tennis club are welcome to make use of the Mentoring Program.  Just request a mentor (Item C) to introduce you to the various opportunities offered by the club.

Many thanks to those who have offered to mentor new members to our tennis club.


A. Mentoring System:

 It will be the duty of the Membership Director to assure that the system is continued each year. 

 Each year the Membership Director will solicit for volunteer mentors within the current club membership.

 The Membership Director will explain the mentoring duties to the volunteers and assign one mentor to each new couple or each single member from the list provided.

 The instructors for Taste of Tennis will communicate with the Membership Director the names of introductory tennis players who have expressed an interest in being paired with a mentor.


B. Duties of a Mentor:

Once given the name of the new member, make personal contact with the new member to be mentored.

Explain that you will be available to this member for any explanation or advice on any of the tennis activities that the new member requires during the year.

Explain the scheduling board, the court registering process and all the activities that are posted.

Explain the social and tournament structure and how to get involved.  Attend a few events with them to introduce them and help integrate them into the club.

Explain what is available with regards to instruction for skill improvement.

Explain the bulletin boards, website, and any other means of communication.

Go through the Men’s and Ladies competitive team structure and the process for joining a team.

Give them a list of individuals to contact for specifics.  If you find that there is something you cannot explain, direct them to the right person, or better still, contact that person for them.

Leave them your phone number as a contact whenever they have questions.

Make sure that the new members feel comfortable and welcome in all activities of the club.

C. Current Mentors:


Brian Morris, Mike and Sue Page, Greg Freeman, Cheryl Gorman, Sharon Keyes, Ed and Irene Stich, Tom and Barb Cynkar, Brad and Sue McConnell


D. Additional Information:

Anyone looking for information on our club and/or events, please contact any member of the Tennis Club Executive.

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