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Open Play

At open-play doubles - also known as round-robin or drop-in - sessions, individual players rotate through the doubles positions: you don't need a partner; you can come for a few games or stay for the whole session.  There are open sessions for women's, men's and mixed doubles.​

Open play is a great way to meet other players and get to play with and against players of a variety of skill levels.


Note that while Open Play is for Tennis Club members, short -term guests are welcome to join in.


See Court Reserve for open-play times from November through April.  See the Schedules page for more information about off-season. 


The Raqueteers is for novice-intermediate play.

There are also sessions for 2.5 - 3.0 level play and for 3.0+ and up play.


Men's Open Doubles  is available to men of all levels.



Mixed Open Doubles  is available to players of all levels.

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